S-WAY is a family of fixed and oscillating mechanisms of compact and modern design.
The Tilt version, in addition to the backwards oscillation that allows the chair reclining, also offers the possibility to swing forward, so as to better adapt to situations as reception halls, conference rooms and visitor chairs, as well as to informal rooms such as collaborative offices.
Although bein of extreme intuitiveness and easy use, it provides the opportunity to:
– lock the seat in the neutral position and only swing backwards (for Tilt only);
– adjust the height of the chair;
– mount the body with following fixing; dimensions: 153 mm x 200 mm, and 150 mm x 150 mm.

Art.BeschreibungKodePallet cmMenge je Pallet
S-WAY TILTW/o height adj. w/o locks 150x15015B500120x80x125200
W height adj. and locks 150x15015B420120x80x125200
W height adj. no locks 150x15015B470120x80x125200
W/o height adj. w/o locks 153x20015B462120x80x125200
W height adj. and locks 153x20015B400120x80x125200
W height adj. no locks 153x20015B450120x80x125200