MODE is a complete and innovative family of mechanisms for medium and high ranges of office chair
Its functionality combines several features that are giving it an advantage:
– forward seat tilt point;
– side tension adjustment with only 19 turns from minimum to maximum;
– up to 5 locking positions with anti-shock function;
– highly ergonomical swivelling comfort;
– up to 25° of backrest movement;
– very well balanced synchronized behaviour (2:1 ratio).
Self explanatory paddles with optional graphics also available.
The family is composed of many configurations, to be built combining different options to give extra features in the movement or the function of the chair and fulfill diff ent standards and ergonomical needs around the world.

Mode integrated seat slide, 77 mm travel, offers a very shallow option, adding only a few millimiters in height.
Slide unlock is operated throughan additional paddle integrated in the design of the std mechanism paddles.

Art.DescriptionPart noPallet cmPallet qty
MODEMode synchro std10C80170x77x9025
Mode synchro short10C80870x77x9025
Mode synchro std seat slide11C80170x77x9025
Mode synchro seat slide short11C80870x77x9025

The short backrest version of Mode can hide the j-bar attachment area and bolting hardware for a better design integrationof the j-bar to the mech.
It also gives the chance to use diffe ent standards of bolting holes of seats and j-bar than the usual Cofemo option.

As an alternative to the standard side tension “crank handle system” Mode can be equipped with an ergonomic knob, positioned on the control right hand side, allowing for easy and direct tension adjustment.
FORWARD TILT The limit function, when engaged, stops the chair in the upright position with the seat at 0° (horizontal) and the back at 6° reclined. When disangaged limit provides a forward tilt option, bringing the upright position of the chair to 3° forward of the seat and 0° of the back support. So the whole body can be forward orientated towards the desk or reclined for a more relaxed position.
The Mode set mechanism allows the seat angle to be set at either 3° forward or 0°(horizontal). This angle adjustment can be activated through the rotation of an easily adjustable knob on the front left hand side of the chair.

MODE SYNCHRO has a synchronized movement of seat and backrest, with 25° tilt of the back and 12,5° of the seat. Standard control on the mechanism are seat height adjustment, swivelling lock/unlock with anti-shock function and side tension adjustment to adapt to user weight and comfort preference.

MODE A-SYNCHRO has an independent movement of seat and back support.
The back is operated the same way as the synchro mechanism.
The seat tilt is operated by an independent third lever, which gives anti-shock function and locks the seat in 3 different positions: 3° forward, 0° “horizontal” and 3° reclined.
A floating seat a-synch o is also available with a seat spring supported in both forward and backward rotation.