Technical support

COFEMO fulfils the most demanding companies requests, in terms of quality, innovation and customization of service, through technical and design support that helps customers to be innovative, to improve the performance of their products and to reduce development costs.

COFEMO can support customers’ designers and engineers to analyze and evaluate any design draft or proposal and check feasibility and costs, plus propose improvements and alternative solutions to optimize ideas and projects.

Project specifications are accurately analyzed according to costs and lead time, key factors to the final success of products and their competitive positioning in the market. Products can be fully tested in our lab according to EN1335, ANSI BIFMA X5.1 and BS 5459.

Aluminum die casting

Since the foundation of COFEMO’s foundry, it has been recognized as an excellent aluminum die casting facility: consistent fulfilment of quality standards is maintained by machinery from 450-850 tons, completely equipped with automated robot systems which are able to handle the whole casting cycle from smelted aluminum to cast product.

Tools are designed and manufactured in co-operation with skilled and selected partners, to obtain maximum results in the casting process, which results in reduced non conformity rates of product and outstanding surface finish uniformity.

Plastic molding

Equally important is the moulding of plastic seating components, by machinery from 350-1000 tons.
Investment in state-of-the-art machinery and continuous staff training enable the production of high quality products.
The experience gained in plastics processing alongside the quality of the raw materials used and flexibility allow Cofemo to know and anticipate the market by understanding the changes and needs that arise.

Custom finishes

COFEMO is able to offer customers any kind of finishing for products in aluminum, steel or plastic material.

Accurate de-burring, linishing and polishing processes, mainly automated through robots and machinery, allow the shape of every product to be finished very precisely and also emphasize the natural brightness of aluminum.

Popular finishes are polishing, sand-blasting, chrome plating and powder coating or painting, but many other finishes are also available, such as brushing, laser marking and metal coating.


COFEMO has been operating in the field of workplace furniture and sitting components for over sixty years.

Our product range covers bases, mechanisms, seats, back rests, and other components for office, lounge, visitors chairs and contract: they are available in manifold varieties of sizes, shapes and finishes.

Our products meet, as a minimum requirement, international safety and durability standards, such as UNI EN1335 and ANSI BIFMA X5.1.

In addition, depending on the type of product and market needs, they can also fullfill BS 5459, EN16139, EN1728 or other specific testing procedures.

Our quality and technical teams will support you with all necessary informations and our testing lab is available to help you with product validation.